Playing bowls in the heart of London

We are a friendly parks club that has been part of life in Finsbury Park since 1900.

Find us near the Endymion Road Gate to the park and the Athletics Centre – the boating lake and Park Café lie nearby. The bowling green is secluded with a glimpse of the lake and wild geese. On a fine day it can offer the sense of a break in the country.

The club is run by its members and WE WELCOME NEW MEMBERS of any age and have fully accessible facilities, including a club house and changing rooms.

We play roll-up club games on most days from 13:30 and can provide free lessons to new members.

We welcome corporate or group bowls events and we can help you to organise them.

If you just want to play or organise an event email Peter on  or call him on 07904 761943 or just use our how to contact us form to get in touch.

We aim to respond to inquiries within 24 hours.



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