Fixtures & Competitions

Fixtures and Events 2021

All competitions are open to all members, male and female.

First day of bowling Saturday 26th April 2022 (open every afternoon)

Prestcott Cup : Saturday Afternoons 2:00pm Start.

14th May:   Muswell hill V Finsbury Park     
21st May:   Bury Lodge V Finsbury Park        
28th May:   Finsbury Park V Hornsey     
11th June:  Pymmes Park V Finsbury Park
25th June:  Finsbury Park V Walthamstow
2nd July:    Finsbury Park V Victoria Park    
9th July:     Victoria Park V Finsbury Park
16th July:   Finsbury Park V Bury Lodge
23rd July:   Hornsey V Finsbury Park
30th July:   Finsbury Park V Pymmes Park     
13th Aug:   Walthamstow V Finsbury Park   
20th Aug:   Finsbury Park V Muswell Hill

Cornish Shield Thursday Evenings.

12th May:  North London V Finsbury Park
19th May:  Finsbury Park V Muswell Hill
26th May:  Hornsey V Finsbury Park                 
16th June:  Finsbury Park V Broomfields
23rd June:  Pymmes Park V Finsbury Park   
30th June:  Finsbury Park V Bury Lodge
7th   July:   Finsbury Park V North London
14th July:   Muswell Hill V Finsbury Park
21st July:   Finsbury Park V Hornsey
4th Aug:     Broomfields V Finsbury  Park
11th Aug:   Finsbury Park V Pymmes  Park
18th Aug:   Bury Lodge V Finsbury Park

There are several Club Friendlies.

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